FDS employs the latest technology to ensure that your debts are collected in a timely manner and that you, the client, are kept informed throughout the process. Our collection software, DAKCS, is the quality and performance leader among collection software. DAKCS offers complete financial control with its unique report features, which include over 115 standard reports. The system is completely automated, allowing our staff to spend their time collecting your money and not manually calling and downloading accounts.

We also employ our state of the art predictive dialing systems, and QwikDial, to ensure all accounts are worked thoroughly. Our automated dialing systems make thousands of collections calls and reminders per hour. Once contact is made with a debtor, they are given several payment options including entering their credit card information over the phone, speaking with a collector to make a payment directly, mailing payment to our office, or using our convenient online bill pay. Once contact is established with a debtor, calls can also be automatically rerouted to your billing department.

Our dialing systems automate the collections process, enabling us to reduce our operating costs. Financial Data Systems can pass these savings on to our clients through our affordable commission rates.


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