Unique Approach

Our Unique Approach to Collections:

Nobody ever asks to get sick, laid off, injured on the job, or any of the other limitless hurdles that people face. Our staff understands that sometimes life throws you a curveball, and our debt collection approach reflects this. At FDS we have adapted our collections procedures to reflect not only technological innovations, but also recent economic changes and our country’s ever-changing demographics.

The words “collections” and “collections agency” often inspire images of a ruthless company aggressively approaching debtors for money they may not have at the time. Simply put: browbeating and threatening is not the best course of action. And while we are certainly capable of pursuing debts as aggressively as our clients request, we prefer to employ a more personal touch.

We consider our collections staff more “debt counselors” than “debt collectors”. Our highly trained staff works with each debtor individually to determine their income level and establish a payment plan. This ensures that our clients receive their payment in a timely manner without breaking a debtor’s bank account.

Treating debtors like real people means they will feel comfortable returning to your office, while also ensuring they satisfy their debts.

Don’t take our word for it, see for yourself! We have bulletin boards full of cards and notes from debtors thanking us for treating them with respect and helping them get out of debt.

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Bi-Lingual Collections

Our country is comprised of a diverse and ever-changing population. Our letters and notices are available in both English and Spanish, and our multi-cultural staff features bi-lingual speakers capable of interacting with a variety of debtors.